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Ba-Li Italiano restaurant review

I don’t really write posts like these but I’ve got a particular post in the waiting that’s very relative to a review of this new restaurant. Good timing, I guess.

Ba-Li Italiano is located at 1045 Steeles Ave West – more specifically in the Kiva’s plaza in the same unit where Hummus Hummus was (which is also the same place where Hakotel was… more on that in another post).

It advertises itself as Italian. The say they offer pasta, pizza, paninis and other Italian food that starts with a P).

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Toronto Kosher Restaurant Outtakes

I’m sure we can find flaws (both serious and humorous) in any restaurant, but there just seems to be an over-abundance of them in the Toronto-based Kosher restaurants. I will aim to point out some of these flaws, while still giving praise where due.

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The Great Canadian Chulent Cook-off

The Great Canadian Chulent Cook-offSo a friend of mine wanted me to let you all know of a really cool event that’s coming up this Thursday night at the B’nai Brith building located at 15 Hove Street (that’s one block north of Bathurst and Sheppard). It’s called the The Great Canadian Cholent Cook-Off. As for what the event will be all about, the title is very much self-explanatory: Several people make cholent, which is subsequently eaten by those who attend, and meanwhile some of those eaters will be judging which of the cholents are above the rest.

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Top Ten Ways you know you’re from Jewish Toronto –

So in case you aren’t sure yet what this site is gonna be all about, I’ve decided to post a link courtesy of that includes a list of the “Top 10 Ways You Know You Are From Jewish Toronto.”

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