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Shana Tova from Frum From Bathurst!

From all of us at Frum From Bathurst (even Bobby Ohr-Somaych), we’d like to wish a mighty Shana Tova to all our readers and followers. We really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of the FFB community. Let’s hope (with G-d’s help), we’ll all have a super successful 5773.

To our single friends: May Hashem grant everyone wishing to get married/engaged/have children this year, the willingness to give into peer pressure and threats of excommunications and fears of loneliness to take that next step.

Or just be able to find your b’sherert.

As for the rest of you, may the food not cost too much at Sobey’s, your synagogues/shuls be warm and welcoming (and accepting if you can’t pay membership on time/donate to the ever-important gala meal, your families remain loyal and proud of you and each other, you kids not be alienated at their chashuve schools, and may the traffic on Bathurst Streetno be that bad.

And don’t get poisoned by mikvah water at Chabad Gate this afternoon.

And all the rest of the important stuff that matters as well…

Shana Tova!


Tashlich at Centre Street Pond

So rather than go into some overlong description of what the custom of Tashlich is all about (particularly because the author is way too lazy to write something elaborate like that and would rather just get to the point), we’re gonna just give you a straight-up breakdown of the Tashlich experience at the Centre Street Pond in Thornhill (which is technically called the Oakbank Pond, but who’s really keeping count.) Read the rest of this entry