Guest post: Who Gets the Kids on Passover?

By John T. Syrtash

So who gets the kids for the first Seder if the parents are separated? To make it worse, who, on this Blessed Earth really wants to reach into his pocket (or parent’s pockets) and dish out hard cold cash to some lawyer over a Seder, for heaven’s sake? I’m sure some Rabbi will probably answer that Pesach, like any other celebration, is just one more “challenge” to the Jewish spirit. That is frankly small comfort. However, a decent lawyer with a conscience will try and avoid court, call opposing counsel and invite him to Starbucks for a latte or an “original roast” at Tim Hortons. The two will review their clients’ respective complaints.

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Is Norman’s cholov yisroel yogurt “The People’s Yogurt”? Or just “The Men’s Yogurt”?

I posed the statement on the Facebook machine that something was missing here in this advertisement for chlov yisroel yogurt made by Norman’s Dairy. The ad was featured in the Community Link magazine/yellow pages/catalogue, which is your neighbourhood Toronto/Thornhill/GTA frummy directory for anything tangible.

Here’s a really easy hint: Circumcision.

(Apologies to the female toddler in the ad and her family. I’m almost as bad as the creators of this ad.)

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Ba-Li Italiano restaurant review

I don’t really write posts like these but I’ve got a particular post in the waiting that’s very relative to a review of this new restaurant. Good timing, I guess.

Ba-Li Italiano is located at 1045 Steeles Ave West – more specifically in the Kiva’s plaza in the same unit where Hummus Hummus was (which is also the same place where Hakotel was… more on that in another post).

It advertises itself as Italian. The say they offer pasta, pizza, paninis and other Italian food that starts with a P).

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Having depression doesn’t mean you lack emunah (belief in G-d)

(Disclaimer: I began writing this in 2012 and left it alone until continuing it today.)

I find this piece to be kind of timely since this past week it was Bell’s Let’s Talk Day, which is a mental health initiative where money is dedicated to mental health awareness for every text and tweet for every time the hashtag #BellLetsTalk is included. It’s a neat initiative I’ve been a fan of and I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts about said topic with a frum perspective.

I’ve often been told by rabbis that sadness and anger are signs that you disagree with the way G-d runs the world. You feel like this because you’ve developed a feeling within that you have to be compelled to have control in certain areas of life. And because you don’t – that is the cause of these emotions.

Some may say that even when dealt with a blow of health – this trigger can cause a roller coaster of emotions that fall under the realms of anger and sadness. With this understanding, it would seem that coming to terms with your illness and accepting that G-d is in charge and that the challenge he’s given you is not something beyond your ability to manage. By this, you can control and limit these emotions.

It takes a while to get healthy – I know this personally. Thank G-d I am proud to say, that I’ve made a strong recovery.

That’s all wonderful.

But my big question – is how does this apply with mental illness – particularly with depression?

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The angriest/funniest comment we’ve ever gotten

Found this one in the archives. It was intended to appear on the Contribute page of the site and was posted in 2013 by someone named Berel Label (fake name). It was never published because of the names mentioned in the comment and the malice (and bizarre affection) intended towards them. The comment really had nothing to about the blog but rather some random rant about a misjustice done to this person in the community. And because the author of this blog finds rants of frustration via comments very hilarious, I just had to share the following madness. Read the rest of this entry