So we’re currently working on this page and it’s not really ready… so we apologize for the inconvenience.

But pretty much this page is dedicated to other sites that have either influenced our material, or just happen to other sources our contributors enjoy read or has something remotely related to our material.

It could even be links that could help you know your way around the cities… Or perhaps a list of recommended reads…

But when we do find and post these sites, please have this disclaimer in mind : Just because we’re posting it, doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with everything that’s published or expressed on these sites. Some of them may be cause our readers asked us to post it here…)

PS – If you are interested having your site listed here, email us at and hopefully we could a link exchange as well too (cause we like your site, you probably like us to, or vice versa or what whatever way that’s supposed to make sense.)


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