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Introducing: Shabbos Shul Reviews

I’ve been meaning to start this feature for quite a while now (like most things on this blog), but it’s about time we make it happen.

Frum From Bathurst presents to you: Shabbos Shul Reviews!

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Ode to the shabbos couch

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude (hakaras hatov) to one of the unsung heroes of the Jewish world. It has provided an innumerable amount of happiness, relief, assistance and yes – meaning, to the many Jews who rely on its multi-purpose usage. It is without question a necessity to anyone who appreciates the importance of bringing enjoyment and honour to the holy and paramount pillar of Judaism – Shabbat (oneg shabbos).

I am talking of course about about the shabbos couch.

On any day of the week – it is merely a couch, and thus only lives up to simple defining purposes of providing a place to sit. In fact, the couch may even lead to sin – i.e. a place to watch television (if you have one), alienate yourself from your family, or simply a location to waste time when you could be instead doing something meaningful – like learning Torah (because G-d forbid you’re mevatel torah).

But all this changes on shabbos. Instead of acting as a vehicle for sin, the couch acquires a sort of shechinah, embodying an eternal and holy purpose of bringing G-d’s presence and kedusha into the world.

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Where has the derech gone?

The following is a dramatization. It represents a growing problem in the Jewish community: kids going off the derech and experimenting.

I wake up at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. The previous night my friends and I got together to get drunk and smoke a little weed as the minhag is on motzei shabbos for anybody between the ages of 15-25. Shabbos was the usual snooze-fest mixed in with some texting my other off-the-derech friends and surfing the net in my room while I try to hide it from my parents. Read the rest of this entry