About Us

This is Frum From Bathurst: the most unusual publication geared to the Toronto Jewish community.

Here our material focuses on the shared experiences that bring together the Jewish community of Toronto. But with a lighter & humorous touch…

We often find it difficult to properly categorize what these shared experiences entail, so we’ll try our best to not just leave it to the published material to speak for itself. Here’s a few examples:

  • Say you’re going to shul in Toronto and Thornhill for the first time and you’re clueless as to what’s the lowdown… Like what kind of kiddush do they serve? How long is davening? Do I have to wear a white shirt or a shaitel instead of a your blue shirt and your fancy hat? (the former for dudes, the latter for the ladies)
  • Or have you ever wondered why Marky’s and Tov Li’s seem like the only place to go Motzai Shabbos?
  • Ever wondered why certain kids are fit for some schools and not for others?
  • Or how about where can I find a shidduch? Or why certain mikvehs are preferred more than others? or better yet, ever wondered why young couples are more likely to live on very specific streets on very specific buildings?
  • Or do just want to find a place that talks about what experiences make up your life in Toronto or Thornhill?

You can find out about all that and more HERE.

Put it this way: Welcome to your home for inside jokes, fellow Jews living in Toronto and Thornhill. We hope you’ll find something you can relate to*…

(* Even if you don’t find something you relate to, specifically in the Toronto/Thornhill theme, don’t worry… not every story will have something to do with our hometowns. Come to think, if some our writers have it their way, it may just be the other way around… Once again, we hope the content will speak for itself.)

If you’re still asking questions what we’re all about, here’s a little more context:


This is really began with four people, all of us observant Jews from Toronto, coming together over our shared enjoyment of a website called Frum Satire – a site that “takes humorous situations and idiosyncrasies inherent with living an observant Jewish lifestyle and rants about them in both a highly animated and humorous manner.” (or so it says on it’s website)

Every now and then we would often take our own hacks at creating our own similar style of humor and satire. We quickly discovered how keen we were in observing and analyzing absurdities, idiosyncrasies, nuances and other common behaviors that stood to us in the Jewish community. And we most certainly enjoyed putting our own spin on these perspectives.

And so one day we all came together and said, “we could do this.” We could make our own similar website.

But even though we shared a common bond in calling out frummy lifestyles, we didn’t want to make a carbon copy of Frum Satire. Sure opinions and perspectives differ, but we needed something else to make our site unique.

And then it hit us, what else do we have in common? We’re Toronto Jews.

And thus we found our combination for material.

And yes, we do strongly believe there’s a market in our backyard for some hometown content that fits our style of material.

Welcome to the neighourhood 🙂


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