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Frum Thornhill in a Nutshell (With Visuals)

Hello friends. I found these pictures lying around and thought, let’s post this? Why not, eh?

Yes, the photos are crude and tough to read but if you know the neighbourhood via a map, than you kind of know what’s going on. I’ve tried to make some edits but this is what I have and the best I could do. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Google Map it for yourself if you need a better point of view. Enjoy.

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Frum Thornhill in a nutshell 1 Frum Thornhill in a nutshell 2


Things That Really Grind My Gears #5: Flatbush Mentality while Dating Toronto People

I would like to take this chance to put my own “unique” (Torontonian Jewish) spin on that segment, to tell you guys what really “grinds my gears” in our community, or others.

I will try posting one or two grinds per week to keep this as an ongoing segment.

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How frum is your facial hair?

You ever notice that Rabbis and super frum guys tend to have beards?  It just so happens that I’m visiting my sister in Denver, and her husband just got semicha. His first priority: grow out the beard. Let’s take a look at how facial hair corresponds to a dude’s frumkeit. (I can’t hit Lubavitch customs now because I don’t know their halach…er…minhagim). Read the rest of this entry