Is Norman’s cholov yisroel yogurt “The People’s Yogurt”? Or just “The Men’s Yogurt”?

I posed the statement on the Facebook machine that something was missing here in this advertisement for chlov yisroel yogurt made by Norman’s Dairy. The ad was featured in the Community Link magazine/yellow pages/catalogue, which is your neighbourhood Toronto/Thornhill/GTA frummy directory for anything tangible.

Here’s a really easy hint: Circumcision.

(Apologies to the female toddler in the ad and her family. I’m almost as bad as the creators of this ad.)

So makers of this ad seem to believe that when claiming it’s the “People’s yogurt, ” women aren’t considered people.

(You also have to be wearing at least a size 8, 6-part velvet kippah with a brim to be considered people.

But perhaps the reason why women are excluded from the ad has more realistic logic… Maybe it’s because men eat way more yogurt than women. Obviously…

Wait hold on… That would imply that women do in fact eat yogurt.

No? Yes? I’m confused.

Now yes, Norman’s is an American company. And as every frum Canadian knows (or any out-of-towner really), we’re always one or two steps behind the mainstream frum culture in the US and A. Toronto has much to go to become as holy and pure as Monsey and Lakewood. We don’t even have separated sidewalks (soon by us/chas v’shalom). But it seems we’re finally beginning to make some headway by excluding women from our advertising. Boruch Hashem.

But… we still have female toddlers on the ads.


We still have much to learn.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one to call out the frummies on this nareshkeit:

Shkoyach, trollers.

I like to believe the thought process behind excluding women from this ad went something like this: “Anything women in a public forum is considered untzinis. G-d forbid anyone ever look at a woman ever. Pictures of women are evil and are vessels for the destruction of your neshama.”

And on a personal note, if anyone’s going to selling it’s yogurt as the “People’s Yogurt” It’s this man:

*Update:  A friend following this post found a picture on Norman’s Instagram. It’s a Norman’s booth at Kosherfest, a kosher food convention. And guess what? There’s women in it!*




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