Playoff hockey and Blue Jays baseball during Passover

My original plan was to write separate posts but based on how things have gone for the Maple Leafs over the past seven years, I’d rather avoid the embarrassment.

March/April is one of those banner times of the year for sports fans. Baseball is starting up, hockey and basketball playoffs are around the corner and March Madness is in full swing. And for frum sports fans, this can be exciting time. But than there’s Pesach… The seders, Yom Tov, keeping kosher and lot…And priorities.

Baseball has always been the easier of the two for a few reasons. For one, though the beginning of the season is exciting, it’s not like you’re missing the most important part of the year. Hockey on the other hand can be quite annoying and nerve racking if you’re team is in the race. This is the time you ultimately wait for.

When I was younger and not religious, I used to keep the TV on in another room and then go scoot out during breaks to go check the scores. I felt guilty, but once again at that age: priorities…

Perhaps you spend Seders with non-religious friends or relatives. You don’t want to ask them the scores, so you pull the shabbos goy technique and not say anything and expect they’ll say something or whip out a shinui (because you’re a horrible Jew.)

The same might go for March Madness because it somehow sucks in every sports fan regardless of how little US college basketball you watch.

The worst I think would be is having tickets to the playoff game not being able to go because of the Seders. Or if the game falls on motzei Yom Tov but by the time the chag is over it’s mid way through the second period.

(This is actually the case with opening night for the Blue Jays).

And speaking of Baseball, one of my favourite Passover memories as a kid (outside of the Seders) was going to Jays games with the family during Chol Hamoed. We sat in the 500 level and chowed down on the matzah and salami sandwiches we brought to the game. (Now THAT is a genuine frum Toronto experience).

And yes the Leafs haven’t made the playoffs in seven years… And even if they did this year it wouldn’t matter since the chag wouldn’t coincide with playoffs.

But who knows… As we say at the end of the Seder: Leshana Habah…


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