Top Ten Ways you know you’re from Jewish Toronto –

So in case you aren’t sure yet what this site is gonna be all about, I’ve decided to post a link courtesy of that includes a list of the “Top 10 Ways You Know You Are From Jewish Toronto.”

Now every single thing posted on this list can be broken down & discussed beyond belief (which is what we plan on doing here), and of course lists like these are extremely relative – hence the comments included in the link.

But for the sake of our website and the education of those visiting it, we’ll fine with just posting it as is… When the time comes, we’ll make our own similar lists, covering a lot more material.

According to the link, the list was written by an anonymous writer – obviously one who knows a few of the ins-and-outs/inside jokes of of the construct of our little Jewish neighbourhood above the border.

So here’s the list. And discuss…

10. Moving out means getting an apartment in 120 Shelbourne. That way once you’re married you only have to move a floor or two.

9. At one point in your life, Marky’s on a Saturday night was a happening place.

8. When you run into a fellow Jew at Krispy Kreme, you nod politely as you both know the political dilemma, yet still indulge.

7. If you ever went anywhere, the response you always got when saying you were from T.O was, oh do you know the Bergs who live on Bathurst?

6. On shabbos you hung out in the famous gazebo in Thornhill Park.

5. The way you were classified as a human being was by being from up north or down south, no explanation needed.

4. If you are a girl over 18, it is assumed that you go to York and study Psychology.

3. You were never part of the reason why the chazzan stopped minyan to shush the crowd at the Bayt.

2. If you are a girl, everyone has that one Jacob skirt.

1. Your teenage rebellion consisted of smoking outside the Bayt on Simchat Torah.

Personally speaking, you could include Tov Li’s along with Marky’s at #9 & Chabad Lubavitch along with the Bayt at #1.


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  1. I agree with most…bang on!!
    Except, at
    8. are there still any Krispy Kremes around? once the heksher was gone, I thought they succumbed too.

    6. Gazebo in THornhill? Which one?? We are full of them here!!


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