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What Orthodox Jews can learn from Muslims

It occurred to me that if we were all as devoted to our religion as the extremist Muslims were to theirs, the Reb, I mean, Moshiach would already be here.  I know that not all Muslims are of the “frum” variety, but apparently the Jews aren’t either (Shocked?). Would you say that the  percentage of Jews who are frum equals the percentage of Muslims who are? How bout Modern Orthodox Jews vs. Modern Orthodox Muslims? Do they have issues with head covering, wearing pants, taharos mishpacha, and settling in the Holy Land? Either way, here are some things we should copy from the Muslims in order to further our avoYYdas Hashem. Read the rest of this entry


Remembrance Day: Do Orthodox or Frum Jews care?

Kaddish, Aveilus (the period of mourning), Yahrzeits, Yizkor, Tisha B’Av, the Three Weeks, Sefirat Ha’Omer, Tzom Gedaliyah, The Holocaust, fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terrorism.

When it comes to remembering and commemorating the memory the dead, its hard to find people who do more than the Jews.

Yet on this upcoming Friday November 11 – Canadian Remembrance Day, I have a very hard time believing frum Jews will care about remembering.

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