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Sittin In Tha Sukkah (Sittin On Tha Toilet parody)

This may be one of the stupidest, yet most hysterical videos I have ever made. If you don’t see what is so funny about this video, than I suggest you watch the second video I’ve posted Read the rest of this entry


Succos related odd jobs (Or how males make money and retain their macho mentality)

We’re taught that the jobs and roles women and men do are equal in value, regardless of the quantity of those responsibilities.

And while this is still true, when it comes to Succos, the floodgates just open up for the opportunities for males to straight up do stuff. And by doing this stuff, two things increase: the cash and testosterone.

So with special exception to where these jobs are prevalent around the city as well as who’s more likely to participate in them, here’s a list of Succos odd jobs: Read the rest of this entry