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Frummest Sports

Some sports are built on pure Torah fundamentals: team effort, determination, hard work, adhering to strict rules, penalties, and earning more money than the rest of the population. Some sports, however, embody a more frum feel than others; that is, they possess and portray several characteristics that are more Torah-esque than other sports. Here’s a presentation of 6 popular sports to consider so that¬†when we have the next giant gathering, this time to persuade Jews from following professional sports (at some big stadium in NY), we can try to figure out which one is actually¬† muttar to follow based on frum principles . Read the rest of this entry


Hilchos Outer Space

It will happen eventually: frum yidden traveling to outer space. While I definitely don’t think Chabad will get there first, I still think other people who care as much about the Torah as they do will get there. So….I’m going to save the veldt a bunch of trouble later on, as I will be the first Jew to compile a list of FAQ’s to be answered (hopefully) by the Rabbis. I’m going to ask questions that deal with being on the moon because that’s probably the first place Jews will go.

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The Ultimate Kiddush

You know that starving feeling after shachris on Shabbos? It’s especially severe if you are a guest somewhere. I’ve been so hungry during davening so many times that sometimes I think about food during my davening; I fantasize about the kiddush. I also plan on how I am going to beat about the rest of the chazerim at all the different tables. When you’re a kid, you can take a plate and stuff it before or during kiddush. When you’re in your mid-30’s like I am, it makes you look like a chazar. If you are a guest and you pre-plan your plate, they will think you are a Major League schnorrer.

Either way, I’ve prepared a post which outlines my PERFECT kiddush.

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Where has the derech gone?

The following is a dramatization. It represents a growing problem in the Jewish community: kids going off the derech and experimenting.

I wake up at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. The previous night my friends and I got together to get drunk and smoke a little weed as the minhag is on motzei shabbos for anybody between the ages of 15-25. Shabbos was the usual snooze-fest mixed in with some texting my other off-the-derech friends and surfing the net in my room while I try to hide it from my parents. Read the rest of this entry

Practical Halachic Guide to the Holiday Season


Happy Holidays. Read the rest of this entry