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Thanks for the memories, Marky’s

Tonight night marks the end of an era (no pun intended), as Marky’s Deli & Restaurant will be closing it’s doors for the final time after 43-years of serving the Toronto community.

You heard me right. Marky’s. A place synonymous with kosher Toronto. The oldest strictly kosher in Toronto is going away.

This news sucks. Read the rest of this entry


Top Ten Ways you know you’re from Jewish Toronto –

So in case you aren’t sure yet what this site is gonna be all about, I’ve decided to post a link courtesy of that includes a list of the “Top 10 Ways You Know You Are From Jewish Toronto.”

Now every single thing posted on this list can be broken down & discussed beyond belief (which is what we plan on doing here), and of course lists like these are extremely relative Read the rest of this entry