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Lulav Bloopers

I was in shul the other day shaking my lulav when it occurred to me that I had brown stuff on my lulav. I’ve seen the brown on lulavim before, but as I glanced around the shul I didn’t see any other brown lulavim.

My first thought was ,”oh $&%^! I bought a pasul lulav!” So there I was saying hallel and trying to pick the brown out of my lulav. All of a sudden the chazzan says Hodu, and I figure I gotta start waving this thing. As I’m waving and peeling I realize that a) I have no clue how to wave this thing, b) the brown stuff is getting all over my hair, c) I have no idea if the pittum should be up or down, d) I’m probably not allowed to tear the lulav on chag or make it (more) pasul than it might have been. Read the rest of this entry