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The angriest/funniest comment we’ve ever gotten

Found this one in the archives. It was intended to appear on the Contribute page of the site and was posted in 2013 by someone named Berel Label (fake name). It was never published because of the names mentioned in the comment and the malice (and bizarre affection) intended towards them. The comment really had nothing to about the blog but rather some random rant about a misjustice done to this person in the community. And because the author of this blog finds rants of frustration via comments very hilarious, I just had to share the following madness. Read the rest of this entry


Playoff hockey and Blue Jays baseball during Passover

My original plan was to write separate posts but based on how things have gone for the Maple Leafs over the past seven years, I’d rather avoid the embarrassment.

March/April is one of those banner times of the year for sports fans. Baseball is starting up, hockey and basketball playoffs are around the corner and March Madness is in full swing. And for frum sports fans, this can be exciting time. But than there’s Pesach… The seders, Yom Tov, keeping kosher and lot…And priorities.

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Toronto Kosher Restaurant Outtakes

I’m sure we can find flaws (both serious and humorous) in any restaurant, but there just seems to be an over-abundance of them in the Toronto-based Kosher restaurants. I will aim to point out some of these flaws, while still giving praise where due.

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Shana Tova from Frum From Bathurst!

From all of us at Frum From Bathurst (even Bobby Ohr-Somaych), we’d like to wish a mighty Shana Tova to all our readers and followers. We really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of the FFB community. Let’s hope (with G-d’s help), we’ll all have a super successful 5773.

To our single friends: May Hashem grant everyone wishing to get married/engaged/have children this year, the willingness to give into peer pressure and threats of excommunications and fears of loneliness to take that next step.

Or just be able to find your b’sherert.

As for the rest of you, may the food not cost too much at Sobey’s, your synagogues/shuls be warm and welcoming (and accepting if you can’t pay membership on time/donate to the ever-important gala meal, your families remain loyal and proud of you and each other, you kids not be alienated at their chashuve schools, and may the traffic on Bathurst Streetno be that bad.

And don’t get poisoned by mikvah water at Chabad Gate this afternoon.

And all the rest of the important stuff that matters as well…

Shana Tova!

Thanks for the memories, Marky’s

Tonight night marks the end of an era (no pun intended), as Marky’s Deli & Restaurant will be closing it’s doors for the final time after 43-years of serving the Toronto community.

You heard me right. Marky’s. A place synonymous with kosher Toronto. The oldest strictly kosher in Toronto is going away.

This news sucks. Read the rest of this entry