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St. Patrick’s Day – The Jewish Connection

ImageNow before you all jump on me the classic “all special Christian days involved some kind of massacre or pogrom against the Jews” rant, just keep quiet and enjoy this little ditty I found here:

Have you ever wondered why the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage? I mean, isn’t corned beef a stereotypically “Jewish” food?

I recently learned that we tribesmen actually did have something to do with the Irish tradition. Back in Ireland, St. Paddy’s had been celebrated with bacon and cabbage. But, when the Irish arrived in the New World, they found that bacon was expensive and hard to find. So they turned to their Jewish Lower East Side neighbors who introduced them to corned beef as an inexpensive, tasty alternative.

Leave it to us to show the newbies how to save a buck in NYC.

Okay… Now that I’m done being cute, y’all can begin calling me a hypocrite 😉

May the green beer you drink tomorrow be lichvod shabbat.


“Jew” – The Verb

Jew GoldThose of you who play Scrabble may know that the word “jew” is actually a legal word (and scores high.) However, it isn’t defined as the proper noun, but rather the verb “to bargain,” with “jewed” and “jewing” also counting as words. The Scrabble dictionary has many other derogatory terms, such as “hebe” and “kike,” but giving legitimacy to a negative stereotype certainly stands out.
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