Kosher Hospitals (featuring the Chassidish Chicks)

The following video was sent to us from the fans of the website. They call themselves Chassidish Chicks and say they’re from the holy city of Thornhill. Pretty funny stuff.


Frum Thornhill in a Nutshell (With Visuals)

Hello friends. I found these pictures lying around and thought, let’s post this? Why not, eh?

Yes, the photos are crude and tough to read but if you know the neighbourhood via a map, than you kind of know what’s going on. I’ve tried to make some edits but this is what I have and the best I could do. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Google Map it for yourself if you need a better point of view. Enjoy.

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Frum Thornhill in a nutshell 1 Frum Thornhill in a nutshell 2

The CJN newspaper is no more

The Canadian Jeiwsh News

Sad news from the world of Canadian Jewish media today: The Canadian Jewish News is finished. In approximately two months, the newspaper will be cease to exist and will only be available online.

Here is the announcement posted on the website:

The Canadian Jewish News will cease publishing in two months.

The board of directors arrived at the decision on Friday, April 19, having regard to the fact that there were still assets on hand with which to provide meaningful severance to the newspaper’s employees and to wind up operations properly.

Donald Carr, president of The CJN, announced the decision to close the newspaper “with great sadness.”

The current incarnation of The CJN was founded some 42 years ago. It was the initiative of the late Ray Wolfe, businessman and philanthropist. Wolfe brought together a consortium of individuals who bought the newspaper from Meyer Nurenberger and converted it into an award-winning, nationally oriented, weekly newspaper whose mission was “to serve the Jewish People, in Canada, in Israel and in all its habitations.”

With its head office in Toronto, the newspaper published weekly editions in Toronto and Montreal.

The CJN fell victim to the tsunami-like changes that are currently sweeping across the print newspaper industry.

More information will become available to subscribers in the days ahead.

The last edition of The CJN will be June 20, 2013.

The CJN also posted a message from president Donald Carr lamenting the sad reality of print journalism and how it doesn’t make sense anymore to continue publication.

It’s common knowledge of this decline. This former journalism student has been hearing this song and dance ever since first year (2006). It will be a massive adjustment to go exclusively online. Read the rest of this entry

Toronto Sports Stars Sefirat Ha’Omer counter

As the readers of this blog probably know, there’s a period during between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot called the Omer. The 49-day period is considered a time of reflection and during it we count up the days in ascending order until Shavuot.

One of things about counting these days is that you’re actually not allowed to say “today is the X day” or “tonight we count X day” until you’ve formally counted the day by preceding it with a blessing and by doing so at the prior evening. For example, if I’m counting the 17th day, I can’t verbalize this when it’s actually time to count it. Then after doing so I can say it’s the 17th day etc.

Typically we say, “yesterday we counted X” and that should tell you what to count when it’s time to do so.

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Playoff hockey and Blue Jays baseball during Passover

My original plan was to write separate posts but based on how things have gone for the Maple Leafs over the past seven years, I’d rather avoid the embarrassment.

March/April is one of those banner times of the year for sports fans. Baseball is starting up, hockey and basketball playoffs are around the corner and March Madness is in full swing. And for frum sports fans, this can be exciting time. But than there’s Pesach… The seders, Yom Tov, keeping kosher and lot…And priorities.

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