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Shabbos Shul Review: Westmount Community Shul and Learning Centre

So I’ve pushed this off for a while (like everything else on this blog), but now I’m finally starting to come forth on this initiative. This is the first Shabbos Shul Review post – for those minyanim here in Toronto and Thornhill.

And where else better to start than the home shul of yours truly – the Westmount Community Shul and Learning Centre.

Bearing in mind this affiliation, I will do my best to avoid any bias while writing this. And since I do have a nice grasp of the shul, chances are this will be most detailed of all the reviews (unless my memory gets better). And since this is the first one, it may be a little cluttered and all over the place… but we’ll see.

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Introducing: Shabbos Shul Reviews

I’ve been meaning to start this feature for quite a while now (like most things on this blog), but it’s about time we make it happen.

Frum From Bathurst presents to you: Shabbos Shul Reviews!

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Davening Bloopers and Other Blunders

The following is a list of errors committed by me or some of my friends over the years. Each of these was  told to me by a friend who experienced it or witnessed it. I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that came to me immediately. Read the rest of this entry

“Jew” – The Verb

Jew GoldThose of you who play Scrabble may know that the word “jew” is actually a legal word (and scores high.) However, it isn’t defined as the proper noun, but rather the verb “to bargain,” with “jewed” and “jewing” also counting as words. The Scrabble dictionary has many other derogatory terms, such as “hebe” and “kike,” but giving legitimacy to a negative stereotype certainly stands out.
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Loud Davening: You’re distracting me

So I was thinking about writing a post about why davening in a minyan sucks but then I realized that the reasons behind this conclusion could be made into their own individual posts, so why smush all that material into one post? Even though I’ll probably write that post anyway, of those numerous reasons, people who daven too loud is definitely the one the screams louder than the others (pun intended).

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