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Guest post: Who Gets the Kids on Passover?

By John T. Syrtash

So who gets the kids for the first Seder if the parents are separated? To make it worse, who, on this Blessed Earth really wants to reach into his pocket (or parent’s pockets) and dish out hard cold cash to some lawyer over a Seder, for heaven’s sake? I’m sure some Rabbi will probably answer that Pesach, like any other celebration, is just one more “challenge” to the Jewish spirit. That is frankly small comfort. However, a decent lawyer with a conscience will try and avoid court, call opposing counsel and invite him to Starbucks for a latte or an “original roast” at Tim Hortons. The two will review their clients’ respective complaints.

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Things That Really Grind My Gears #7: When Chabbadniks Become Intrusive

I would like to take this chance to put my own “unique” (Torontonian Jewish) spin on that segment, to tell you guys what really “grinds my gears” in our community, or others.

I will try posting one or two grinds per week to keep this as an ongoing segment.

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Anti-Chanukah Song

The first version of the Chanukah Song, written by Adam Sandler and first performed on Motzoei Shabbos Live, is now 17 years old. Wikipedia describes it best, with Sandler listing celebrities “as a way of sympathizing with their situation. He was worried that Jews might feel a bit jealous for not having such a huge holiday like Christmas, but would somehow feel better if they found out that celebrities are/were of the same faith. For years, I loved the song, going as far as memorizing all three versions. Every time I’d find out about a famous movie star being Jewish, I’d think “score one for the team.” Then one day, that began to change. I started to realize that as many cool Jewish celebrities exist, there are just as many that get popular for being completely horrible people.

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Witty Pun Related to Judaism

I’m standing in a customer service line waiting to be taken, and there are three possible representatives: an African-American, an Asian, and a Jew. The first thought that pops into my head is, “I hope I get the Asian.” Now, I’ll admit this happened at an electronics store, and racism aside, this was probably the correct choice, but you know where I’m headed. I don’t find myself associating with “the Jew” in random settings. I love him like a brother, but I don’t necessarily like him.

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