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Guest post: Who Gets the Kids on Passover?

By John T. Syrtash

So who gets the kids for the first Seder if the parents are separated? To make it worse, who, on this Blessed Earth really wants to reach into his pocket (or parent’s pockets) and dish out hard cold cash to some lawyer over a Seder, for heaven’s sake? I’m sure some Rabbi will probably answer that Pesach, like any other celebration, is just one more “challenge” to the Jewish spirit. That is frankly small comfort. However, a decent lawyer with a conscience will try and avoid court, call opposing counsel and invite him to Starbucks for a latte or an “original roast” at Tim Hortons. The two will review their clients’ respective complaints.

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Playoff hockey and Blue Jays baseball during Passover

My original plan was to write separate posts but based on how things have gone for the Maple Leafs over the past seven years, I’d rather avoid the embarrassment.

March/April is one of those banner times of the year for sports fans. Baseball is starting up, hockey and basketball playoffs are around the corner and March Madness is in full swing. And for frum sports fans, this can be exciting time. But than there’s Pesach… The seders, Yom Tov, keeping kosher and lot…And priorities.

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