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Shana Tova from Frum From Bathurst!

From all of us at Frum From Bathurst (even Bobby Ohr-Somaych), we’d like to wish a mighty Shana Tova to all our readers and followers. We really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of the FFB community. Let’s hope (with G-d’s help), we’ll all have a super successful 5773.

To our single friends: May Hashem grant everyone wishing to get married/engaged/have children this year, the willingness to give into peer pressure and threats of excommunications and fears of loneliness to take that next step.

Or just be able to find your b’sherert.

As for the rest of you, may the food not cost too much at Sobey’s, your synagogues/shuls be warm and welcoming (and accepting if you can’t pay membership on time/donate to the ever-important gala meal, your families remain loyal and proud of you and each other, you kids not be alienated at their chashuve schools, and may the traffic on Bathurst Streetno be that bad.

And don’t get poisoned by mikvah water at Chabad Gate this afternoon.

And all the rest of the important stuff that matters as well…

Shana Tova!


Finding Your Ideal High Holiday Shul Seat Mate

Now that the High Holidays are coming and the lineups for shul tickets are abound, maybe this little form could help you decide where you’d like to sit. I mean listen, we all know how much time you will be spending with your shul-seat-mate, so you might as well utilize this form to find your ideal seat mate! Consider it the of high holiday shul going. It works whether you’re a once a year Jew, damnit shabbos is here every week Jew, or an I’m better than you because I go every day Jew, this list is for you!!!

Best regards, and Shana Tova from your friendly neighbourhood FFB team!


Anti-Chanukah Song

The first version of the Chanukah Song, written by Adam Sandler and first performed on Motzoei Shabbos Live, is now 17 years old. Wikipedia describes it best, with Sandler listing celebrities “as a way of sympathizing with their situation. He was worried that Jews might feel a bit jealous for not having such a huge holiday like Christmas, but would somehow feel better if they found out that celebrities are/were of the same faith. For years, I loved the song, going as far as memorizing all three versions. Every time I’d find out about a famous movie star being Jewish, I’d think “score one for the team.” Then one day, that began to change. I started to realize that as many cool Jewish celebrities exist, there are just as many that get popular for being completely horrible people.

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Tis’ the Season

There’s nothing like sitting around the table after lighting the menorah, eating latkas and spinning the dreidel with family and friends. Singing songs like Al Hanisim, I Have a Little Dreidel, Chanukah Oy Chanukah really get you into the Jewish spirit. Then, as you walk outside, you’re greeted by all of your neighbours lights. The thing is, unless you live in a strictly Jewish community, you might notice that their lights are a little bigger than yours are. They’re brighter, more colourful, more creative, and sometimes last for weeks instead of eight days. You step into the mall, and you’re greeted with decorations, festive music, and a cheerful, if frantic mood. Turn on the TV (or don’t, whatever), and every channel is filled with special programs, like Miracle on 34th Street, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. The goyim have taken their holiday, and gone completely overboard.

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Things That Really Grind My Gears #5: Flatbush Mentality while Dating Toronto People

I would like to take this chance to put my own “unique” (Torontonian Jewish) spin on that segment, to tell you guys what really “grinds my gears” in our community, or others.

I will try posting one or two grinds per week to keep this as an ongoing segment.

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