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The angriest/funniest comment we’ve ever gotten

Found this one in the archives. It was intended to appear on the Contribute page of the site and was posted in 2013 by someone named Berel Label (fake name). It was never published because of the names mentioned in the comment and the malice (and bizarre affection) intended towards them. The comment really had nothing to about the blog but rather some random rant about a misjustice done to this person in the community. And because the author of this blog finds rants of frustration via comments very hilarious, I just had to share the following madness. Read the rest of this entry


“Badatz” Reformit

I could likely write an entire book about both how classic this is, and how wrong it is all at the same time, but I’m pretty sure the picture speaks for itself.

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Sh*t Frum Girls Say

It was bound to be made, and here we now have it – a frum version of the trending “Sh* (insert type of people) say” video. Not only was I stoked to find and watch the video, I was even more pleased to find out that it was created by a friend of mine – and straight outta Toronto.

Big ups (or shkoyach) to the maker of this masterpiece.
Be sure to check out his blog: as well as his film-based website: Forbidden Fruit Media and it’s Facebook page.

#Occupy Chabad

If you’re offended… relax, it’s just a joke. We’ll know for sure who the moshiach is once it gets here. Personally I would’ve love to have called it #Occupy Chabad Street, but then only Torontonians would get the joke – well at least the street part of the joke. Not everything posted here has to be Toronto-centric. Y’all need to get out of your Bathurst Street bubbles… The same goes for you Chabadniks (now I’m really just kidding… please don’t aim the rocks at my head!)
But yes, this is a Frum From Bathurst original.

Sittin In Tha Sukkah (Sittin On Tha Toilet parody)

This may be one of the stupidest, yet most hysterical videos I have ever made. If you don’t see what is so funny about this video, than I suggest you watch the second video I’ve posted Read the rest of this entry