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Finding Your Ideal High Holiday Shul Seat Mate

Now that the High Holidays are coming and the lineups for shul tickets are abound, maybe this little form could help you decide where you’d like to sit. I mean listen, we all know how much time you will be spending with your shul-seat-mate, so you might as well utilize this form to find your ideal seat mate! Consider it the of high holiday shul going. It works whether you’re a once a year Jew, damnit shabbos is here every week Jew, or an I’m better than you because I go every day Jew, this list is for you!!!

Best regards, and Shana Tova from your friendly neighbourhood FFB team!



If the Stanley Cup could be kashered, what would you do with it?

Erev game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals is upon us and here at FFB, we’re all pretty pumped up. There’s a reason we have the names that we have… Our sefira beards may be gone, but our the countup for the cup is far from over…

Now I had this idea come to me just before game 7 of last year’s finals. But by then it was too late to write and post about it. (I was hosting a game 7 party… take that Super Bowl parties).

Here it is: Wouldn’t it be super cool if the Stanley Cup aka hockey’s “holy grail” (pun intended… you’ll see why in a second) could be kashered? And if so, what would you do with it? Read the rest of this entry