Niagara Falls on Chol Hamoed: A Hot Chani haven

So I did something pretty frum yesterday: I took a Chol Hamoed day trip with some friends to Niagara Falls. It was a great trip. And for many reasons.

We did some of the touristy stuff; i.e. Casino Niagara, shopping in the US and of course hit up the Falls. As a matter of fact, two of the buddies we went with still had to say Taschlich so they did it there.

But amongst all the fun, two things really stood out to me:

1) The place was packed with frummies

I understand it’s the frum thing to do go on Chol Hamoed day trips bit this was absurd. It was like they replaced your normal overwhelming majority of Asians. And we’re not just talking Joe, Jane Frum and the family clan type frummies, we’re talking full out Chasidim straight out of Bobov or something. Kids wearing sweaters even though it was a beautiful 20C. Massive families, couples and the loser single dudes crapping out at the casino.

It actually blew my mind.

2) It was a parade of Hot Chanis (!).

A Hot Chani, as you may or may not know, is in a sense “a trophy-looking frum wife”. She’s a got a thousand dollar shaitle, a denim or leather pencil skirt, knee-high leather boots, three kids by her side, drives an SUV, her husband is a stereotypical real estate hocker (blue tooth and all), loves hanging out at sushi places like Dairy Treats or Delights).

There were tons. Between tens and wannabes….

And one of my friends knew it too. As we’d cross paths with them, we’d give each other a look and be like, yep 😉

But yeah, in addition to going to the Falls, there were other things to see.

A gut moed to you too.


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