Introducing: Shabbos Shul Reviews

I’ve been meaning to start this feature for quite a while now (like most things on this blog), but it’s about time we make it happen.

Frum From Bathurst presents to you: Shabbos Shul Reviews!

Now I know what you’re thinking: oh my goodness this is going to be such a huge source of loshon harah, how could he bring such bad PR to a shul that works so hard to bring in and provide a spiritual home to many…

On the contrary: this feature allows to give people a look into the shul that goes beyond what the Rabbi says during his drash. I look to provide the details – the things people don’t always think about, but they’re there.

As I outline the outline if these posts, you’ll understand where I’m going with this.

1) Building – Look + Ease of Access

– Location/Distance: Are you close to the shul? Is it in an obscure or close location?

– What the place looks like?? This will primarily be about the actual shul but not without other areas like the lobby, Kiddush room, and just the building itself – is it handicap accessible, old school, a little rundown, multiple floors, high end etc.

– Size of Davening area, type of seats, how much leg room (I.e how much room to take three steps back), bima, Rabbi’s vision, peoples seats

– Women/Men seating areas; Mechitza set up

– Types of Sefarim/Chumashim – where to find them/lying around (book shelves?) Are they by your seats or do you actually have to do a treasure hunt?

2) Decorum – People & Davening

– How long is Davening? Singing? Chazzanus?

– Decorum + Hashgacha; talking in Shul, what people are wearing, demographics, BP starers? Characters?

– User friendliness: Gabbai, asking people for directions, washroom facilities, easy to move

– Number of men/women attendeess, shaitels or hat types

– Littered with Children? (lol)

– Speed of Torah service (mesheberachs etc)

– Unique perks (think kids coming up for Adon Olam)

3) Kiddush

– This is self-explanatory: what food, set up, what type of cholent (quality-scale), type of cholent line etc

4) Other

Friday night, third meal, novelties **This might always be included and will depend on the willingness/non-laziness of the author to scope these things out…

Now, since I am a Thornhill boy, Shuls north of Steeles will be the easiest to access and review. So unless people down south want a super-awesome guest to visit their shul, give me a shout!

I plan on doing at least one shul a month. Even though I’ve been to several Shuls, chances are I’ll have to make multiple trips to really get the most of the reviews.

If you have any tips or inclusions you’d like, leave comments!

And see you at shul!


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  1. As Apu once said, don’t forget about the smell.


  2. Jay Jasonovitch

    Awesome idea!


  3. Bobby Orr-Somayach

    “unique perks”….hmmm not sure I can think of any for Viewmount…oh wait…there is that unique wife-swapping πŸ™‚


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