“Badatz” Reformit

I could likely write an entire book about both how classic this is, and how wrong it is all at the same time, but I’m pretty sure the picture speaks for itself.

1) I mean come on! “Badatz” hashgscha for Reform?! Since when do they need an hashgscha?…HaRav Carlos McGee must really be frumming out eh?!

2) I’m not entirely sure what’s worse, a Hechsher for pork, a hechsher for shellfish, or the fact this hashgscha was given to all of the above PLUS dairy all in the same restaurant (and could be even same plate)….but as long as them shellfish are fresh, who are we to judge?! I mean, look, they clearly have the Badatz logo!

3) I love how a clearly expired t’udah is displayed…I wonder if their health certification is also expired (and/or displayed)?


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  1. Frum From Bathurst

    They should open a location in Toronto. Oh wait, fleish restaurants don’t work there…


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