Jews don’t drive German cars


It’s an unwritten mitzvah. Thou shall not drive das auto. It’s plain and simple.

No explanation is needed. You know why…

And yes, we have every right to still hold a grudge.

Then again when you think about it there’s hint of hypocrisy in this deal since no one says anything about not driving a Ferrari or a pick your Japanese brand of car. This occurred to me when I was sarcastically cheering for Germany during the Euro Cup and my co-worker said, well cheering for Italy is no better, really. I guess so, I replied. But then I guess I should never cheer for Japan, I followed up.

All that aside, the rule remains. Jews don’t drive German cars. And if you do… nebach.


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  1. I do not and never will drive a German car. However, I heard an interesting point of view from a survivor. He said that he would buy a German car because the best revenge would be making a German work for a Jew. Interesting point, no?


    • Bobby Orr-Somayach

      What a hot button issue with me. Let’s get the facts straight (I can go on for hours in a heated debate that generally ends up with people saying “wow never thought of it that way”):
      1) BMW was never directly involved in any nazi activities…do you know who was? Henry Ford. He financed the Nazi movement. We don’t see Jews saying “don’t buy Ford”. Yet a company who had no direct involvement is a nono (I’d say same for Audi, but they were bought out by VW group which did have direct relations :P)
      2) lets not buy ANY windows based pc, because they all stem from IBM which developed ways for Germans to keep count of the piles of bodies.
      3) how many yeshiva boys on vacation wear Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts?


      • I was aware of Fords and Audi’s involvement, and for the reasons that you mentioned, I do not buy their products. While it is hard to boycott every single company with anti-semitic tendencies or actions, we try to do what we can.


      • Bobby Orr-Somayach

        True, but then boycotting a brand based on where it came from when they had no involvement is ridiculous. Besides for the fun factor of BMW. in that case lets boycott Tomblorone bars too lol


  2. I guess Netanyahu isn’t a Jew…(hint: he rides an Audi and most of his motorcade are Mercedes). And Sheldon Adelson too, in his Maybach.


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