If the Stanley Cup could be kashered, what would you do with it?

Erev game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals is upon us and here at FFB, we’re all pretty pumped up. There’s a reason we have the names that we have… Our sefira beards may be gone, but our the countup for the cup is far from over…

Now I had this idea come to me just before game 7 of last year’s finals. But by then it was too late to write and post about it. (I was hosting a game 7 party… take that Super Bowl parties).

Here it is: Wouldn’t it be super cool if the Stanley Cup aka hockey’s “holy grail” (pun intended… you’ll see why in a second) could be kashered? And if so, what would you do with it?
Think about it. I mean they don’t just call it the cup for nothing. It’s not like the Super Bowl where there’s no actual bowl. Before it took its current form, it was simply a cup – specifically that bowl that’s on the top of the trophy.

But now imagine – hypothetically speaking of – How would you the frum Jew, do with it.

(For all intensive purposes, the trophy is made of silver alloy and nickel. I don’t know if that kind of material can be kashered, but once again, it’s a hypothetical question.)

Here’s what I’d do: I’d start with it milchegs why go straight the fleish right away? and hit up a frozen yogurt place like Menchies or Yogurties (not Yogen Fruz or Yogi Bar cause those places just don’t compare) and just fill that baby up to the top. Toppings and all. Screw how much it might cost. I’ve got a Stanley Cup full of yummy kosher frozen yogurt awesomeness.

But now for the really good parts: It’s fleishigs time! And that also means it gotta be Shabbos…

You can’t start without making Kiddush of course. Nothing like a massive kos for this sanctification of the Sabbath via the drinking of wine. And yes, everyone has to drink from the Kiddush cup (cause it’s halacha… Duh).

After some fish, it’s time for a cleansing of the palette with your favourite choice of scotch. Next is chicken soup or any other soup you like.

But here’s the best part… Brace yourself cause this is beyond awesome…

Eating cholent from the Stanley Cup.

No more explanation is really needed for that one.

And that’s what I’d do with the Stanley Cup if it was kashered.

Oh… And my name is Baruch Gilmour. This was my first post. Get used to hearing from this haymishe hoser.


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  1. I guess if someone from toronto is going to post on the stanley cup it mine as well be a guy named Gilmour.


  2. Maybe a guy named “Orr-somayach” to remind us about brachas before eating choulent.


  3. Use it for Kos Eliyahu at the seder. I’ve wanted to do this for years.


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