Hilchos Outer Space

It will happen eventually: frum yidden traveling to outer space. While I definitely don’t think Chabad will get there first, I still think other people who care as much about the Torah as they do will get there. So….I’m going to save the veldt a bunch of trouble later on, as I will be the first Jew to compile a list of FAQ’s to be answered (hopefully) by the Rabbis. I’m going to ask questions that deal with being on the moon because that’s probably the first place Jews will go.

1) What time can we put on tefillin?

2) When does shabbos start?

3) When do you stay tefilas haderech? After you leave the  the city or the earth’s atmosphere?

4) Do you still have to daven facing Jerusalem?

5) Can you daven while floating?

6) How often do you say kiddush levana? Do you look down?

7) Do you say Mashiv Haruach/V’sen Tal U’matar?

8) If you eat moon food or food created on the moon, do you still say Al Ha’aretz V’al Hamichya?

9) Do you have to shecht moon creatures? Does kashrus apply?

10) When does the fast end?

Most of these questions are related to time, but I can also see the astronaut suit getting in the way of tefillin and being muktzeh; It also creates a nice loophole regarding shomer negia.


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