Things That Really Grind My Gears #7: When Chabbadniks Become Intrusive

I would like to take this chance to put my own “unique” (Torontonian Jewish) spin on that segment, to tell you guys what really “grinds my gears” in our community, or others.

I will try posting one or two grinds per week to keep this as an ongoing segment.

You know what really grinds my gears?!…

…It’s bad enough we are constantly bombarded and embarassed by the “Mitzvah bus” and ” Channukah mobile” going renegade up and down Bathurst St. But when Chabbadniks (either at York, or around Bathurst) automatically come up to me (sometimes on a daily basis) and ask if I’ve put on Teffilin yet, really ‘grinds my gears’. Why ask that to a clearly frum Jew with a kippah?!….generally speaking the answer for a kippah-wearing Jew is yes, and when the answer is no, clearly that person is frum but doesn’t want to be bothered. Has my answer really changed since the previous day?! Funny thing is with all the time they spend handling Tefillin, you’d think they would know how to properly handle it. They show up at Jewish community events (parks, etc.) and let the straps drag on the grass in what was likely covered in dog poo….great respect for the so called “very important” things they hold so dear….At that point I feel they’ve gone too far.

More to come next week. Stay Tuned….

Please send me some suggestions (via reply to this thread) of things that Really Grind YOUR Gears, and I will post the winner in a few weeks!


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  1. nice. no hate-in


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