Sh*t Frum Girls Say

It was bound to be made, and here we now have it – a frum version of the trending “Sh* (insert type of people) say” video. Not only was I stoked to find and watch the video, I was even more pleased to find out that it was created by a friend of mine – and straight outta Toronto.

Big ups (or shkoyach) to the maker of this masterpiece.
Be sure to check out his blog: as well as his film-based website: Forbidden Fruit Media and it’s Facebook page.


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  1. best one iv seen so far


  2. cool… but once again, the guys have all the fun!!


  3. In my opinion this one is even funnier

    shdus frum girls say:


  4. Check out our blog for an amazing Urban Frum contest…


    • Bobby Orr-Somayach

      What’s the prize? A Shabbos meal? A cute shidduch date?….dare I say it….a child? Lol, I’m just gauging what an UF Gal can provide us alpha-males other than those listed above LOL 😉


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