Thornhill people hate having to leave Thornhill or go down south

I went to a New Year’s Eve party the other night at a friend’s place around York Hill Blvd. For me I found it pretty convenient since I didn’t have to go any where beyond Steeles. It’s a sentiment shared by many other fellow Thornhillers, but it’s probably something we’re not all that proud of.

At first I thought this was the same deal with people from down south – that they don’t like coming up north. I’ve met people down south who think like that, but I’ve nonetheless realized there’s no way that sentiment is more prevalent than that of the Thornhillers’ inconvenience and disliking of having to leave the neighborhood when it comes to doing something.

This conclusion was partly confirmed when I saw a friend of mine who lives down south at this party. I told her I was surprised she was here because I thought that it was inconvenient and disliked to come up north. She responded by telling me, “We don’t mind coming up north. It’s you guys up North who really can’t stand coming down south.”

Unfortunately, she was right.

There are perhaps a few reasons why this is so. I’ve attempted to elaborate on them down below.

Travel length: This really can go both ways, but with the knowledge of the traffic patterns in Toronto and Thornhill, everyone knows that it takes a lot longer to get down south then it does to go north. Just to get to Steeles via Bathurst can be a pain, which is then followed by the old divers that occupy the Steeles/Finch area. The Allen Expressway going south is annoying and once we actually get to the existent and normal traffic down south, we’ve just had it. It does at times come down to a question of whether the trip is worth the destination.

And then there’s the cool things downtown that take even longer to get to when living up north. That really does deter from the desire to actually go out and have a good time beyond what your home neighbourhood can provide you.

Conveniences: It’s a sad reality: Many Thornhillers seriously believe they can get everything they need and like within a very close proximity to where they live – aka the Sobey’s/Mac’s plazas and the Promenade Mall. It could perhaps be a suburb thing, but then down it’s not like down south isn’t full of suburbs as well.

This mindset not only extends to the necessities but it also unfortunately extends to other things like having fun, albeit at a very much lower standard then what’s available down south. A good example is the baffling affinity some have for the Tickled Toad pub on Steeles. People, it’s not a good bar. Suck it up to leave Thornhill and join your hip friends down south at one of their own cooler neighbourhood bars like Chalkers or Safari. Or how about the Promenade Mall: it pales in comparison to Yorkdale we it comes to finding quality products and achieving an overall higher shopping experience (except when it comes to parking and perhaps the cost savings of shopping).

Transit: No one wants to pay an extra fare to get south of Steeles. For all the ineptitudes that is TTC, it is WAY BETTER than what we have to deal with the YRT. The infrequencies of the 88 & 3 buses for example will drive people crazy up here (it does for me). And the there’s of course the strike. (ugh…)

People down south just don’t treasure how much of a luxury it is to not have to take more than one transit service.

All in all, the sentiment of disruption and laziness to leave Thornhill is disheartening. It’s a disease. It’s like you know there’s more out there that’s worth exploring and getting into, but you’re too content with the mediocrity and redundant nature of the things you have up north.

Once again, this sentiment might also be expressed in other areas of the community, but as a homegrown Thornhiller, the obviousness of this laziness and perception of inconvenience to leave the bubble is alarming, disheartening and disappointing.

May Hakadosh Baruch Hu help the residents of Thornhill open their eyes to goodness of the world that is beyond Steeles (and Centre Street) as well as the strength, will power and mobility to go out there and capitalize on it.


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  1. Hey that was my party lol! I hope you had fun… and by the way I love the tickled toad…


  2. Good points! One other reason though, I believe, is the lack of parking. We’re used to having parking at every hangout or house up in Thornhill, but when you get past about Sheppard, it becomes difficult to find it. Who wants to spend 30 minutes driving somewhere and then another 10 to find a parking spot a good walk away, especially with winter coming up?


  3. Hey it was my party! and it was awesome!


    • Bobby Orr-Somayach

      Yes it was Sir Daniel, Knight of the kickass parties. I think I know who the “she” in the article. It can only be one of two “she’s” 🙂


  4. I literally said: “Sweet, it’s so close – I don’t have to shlep”. Guilty as charged.


  5. Shikkered Shvigger

    Why are Thornhillers only allowed to marry other Thornhillers? Don’t they know they can leave Thornhill to meet other people?


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