My response to the whole Matisyahu beard fiasco


In regards to the whole fiasco of a fallout to Matisyahu shaving his beard, here is my response:

What pisses me off is when sites that the “Yeshivish” community hold so dear like VosIzNais reports stuff like “Matisyahu shaves his beard and claims he used a razor to his face”…..when there’s ZERO evidence to suggest he used a razor. Instead of talkin shit about other people I highly suggest they take a frank look in the mirror (I’m hoping they see this comment).

Also, to answer the common question as to why the frummies seem to get all choked up about this issue is because they use the fact that he’s a “Chassidic Reggae star” to justify to themselves that listening to his music is not “secular” and is along the lines of Miami Boys Choir, religiously. They should stop using that as a cop-out; if they want to listen to “goyish” music then they should just do so without any justifications. Next up, frummy justified HEAVY METAL BABY!


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  1. He looks younger and fine as hell.


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