Succos related odd jobs (Or how males make money and retain their macho mentality)

We’re taught that the jobs and roles women and men do are equal in value, regardless of the quantity of those responsibilities.

And while this is still true, when it comes to Succos, the floodgates just open up for the opportunities for males to straight up do stuff. And by doing this stuff, two things increase: the cash and testosterone.

So with special exception to where these jobs are prevalent around the city as well as who’s more likely to participate in them, here’s a list of Succos odd jobs:

1) Sukkah building: Well duh… What about this activity isn’t oozing with testosterone? Heavy lifting, power tools, gloves, nails, wrenches, screwdrivers, branches and leaves, yard work etc. We’re talking about an overload of frummies at Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and Home Depot. And seriously, what isn’t more manly than showing your wife and kids how handy you are at building things beyond money for ‘x fundraisers. After seeing your sukkah building schools, your wife will surely know she can count on to you build a family…

Or better yet, the male can probably include how awesome his sukkah building skills are on his shidduch résumé. Seriously ladies, who doesn’t want a man who can build a good sukkah?

Now there is one downside to this and that’s the usage of inadequate and lazy sukkahs. I’m talking about those fold up, tablecloth-walled, bamboo schach sukkahs. Now I understand that if finances and a lack of proper resources aren’t available to you than you make the best with what you got, but if you do have the money and tools and choose to take the lazy way out? Sorry gentlemen, but please submit your mancards, you are unworthy.

Now where does the money making aspect come around? Look at it this way:

Imagine you’re a strapping young man who attends Ner, Darchei or Ohr Chaim and would like to make some money. Why not build sukkahs?

I mean you’re probably already out of school for bein hazmanim and you probably don’t wanna spend every waking second back in your local shul’s beis midrash (and chas v’shalom you be mevatel zman and go to Macs, socialize with pritzahs or do anything aveiros related…), so why not go help some well-off family who’s to busy to build a sukkah? Besides, how are you gonna fund your under the counter tie and clothing business back in yeshiva?

2) Packaging and setting up arbah minim: So this one time l I’m going with my dad to go pick up our 4 minim at the Moshe Zionce location in the basement of 601 Clark. When we get down there, I see a friend of mine from Darchei with three of his friends putting together the minim. I’m like, “dude, how did you hook up this job?” He told me he was already on break from school, he needed money and his dad was able to hook him up. But he also told me that this is a classic job for yeshiva students on break.

I guess someone has to put the arbah minim together so you can purchase them all nice and ready to go for you… It may not be the manliest job, but hey something tells me the women have enough on their plate to do this job.

Not to mention my friend had already been working since early in the morning and it was close to 10 pm when we got there.

So gentleman, when Yom Tov comes and it’s time to sit and enjoy the awesomeness that is the holiday of Succos, remember to flex those manly muscles of yours (and thank G-d for giving them to you).


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  1. In some places in the city, there are women putting the arba minim together. These same women who are not allowed to touch a sefer torah are holding species which are supposed to be waved in order to please G-d! What a shonda! A SHONDA I SAY!


    • Bobby Orr-Somayach

      If you ask me (and I’m no expert), it would make more sense to have the women fulfill the mitzvah of Lulav and Esrog. Something as important as that should be waved with complete accuracy and experience. I sure hope males aren’t as experienced as women are with shaking a lulav and esrog! Maybe some of those YU males 😛


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