Quick Rant: I hate the term “Sukkah Hop”

I hate the term “sukkah hop”. Why? Cause it’s an incorrect term and it’s not even cool when people use it.
You’re not literally or even figuratively hopping to a sukkah. You’re going there.
Stop calling it something stupid and just freaking visit them and say “I’m coming to visit your sukkah,” like a normal person.

Now when you’re going from sukkah to sukkah to sukkah, that’s different. In that case, the term holds up. But that’s it. If you’re going from ONE sukkah to another, or even from a place not called a sukkah to an actual sukkah, it is NOT CALLED sukkah hopping.

Call it what it is and not by some wannabe cool, yet inaccurate phrasing.


Posted on October 11, 2011, in Fail, Holidays, Rants, Succos and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I don’t know anyone that uses the term without “going from sukkah to sukkah,,,”. I can, however, understand an aversion to the term if no one literally ever ‘hops’.

    FFB, FTW!


  2. Gedaliah Yitzchak Corbett

    YES!! I love it!! You crack me up!! I’m linking this to my FaceBook! Way to tell it like it is!


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